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I’m still here and I still plan to write a gf DL post, I promise.

Things are going well on the gf and sf front.  I start back to work next week so that will be an interesting challenge.

Starting tomorrow I will be waking up at the butt crack of dawn to do some yoga.  I’ll likely get a fee more practices from Yoga Download.

Today’s yoga involved doing 11 (!) loads of laundry.  Jealous?


Today was a fun but long day and I was beat by the evening.  I decided to just roll out my mat for a meditation.  I feel wonderfully peaceful right now but, boy, I cannot shut my mind off to save my life.  During the meditation, I will acknowledge that my mind is drifting and refocus only to find my mind drifting very soon again.

Definitely an area to work on.

…a brand new yoga mat.

…a Forrest Yoga practice on the new mat.

…figuring out future “what to do with my life” plans (near future, want to be a stay at home mother, but “future future” have decided to first become a La Leche League Leader and then a Doula.)  I am so excited!  (I am burnt out in my current career, which I just entered the 12th year, so hence the future thoughts post-SAHMness)

…ending the day curled up on the couch watching The Daily Show, sipping some kefir, and enjoying gluten-free, sugar-free truffles.

Today was a long day.  Perfectly good day but lengthy and I am beat.  So beat that I decided to try out a meditation at Yoga Download.  I am all loosy goosy now (although I have such a hard time shutting off my mind during meditating – something to work on).

Late afternoon included a trip to our local farmer’s market.  I have some strawberries and blackberries calling my name in the fridge now.  Yummmmm.

At some point I will blog about my future plans and my excitement for them.  At some point…

Courtesy of YJ

Courtesy of YJ

And I just couldn’t help but do Jason’s forward bends Yoga Journal podcast again.  I lurve forward bends.  I am very flexible with them (vs back bends which I am completely the opposite) and can really get into a good stretch.  Love them.

Like I mentioned previously, I have been having some future thoughts rolling around my noggin lately.  I finally figured some stuff out which I am sooooo excited about.  I plan to post more on it later, maybe tonight, when I have time.

My smart husband suggested I search iTunes for yoga podcasts today.  Voila – so many free practices at my fingertips!  I am in HEAVEN.

Yoga Journal has several.  I did their forward bends one during Z’s nap (the audio).  It felt soooo good and even included one of new favorites, the Gorilla Pose (Padahastasana).  Lucky me.  (I seriously had a “yippeeee!” moment when I realized that was the next asana).

The YJ ones are all mainly under 30 minutes – perfect for short on time situations or combining for a longer practice.

I’m quite yippy skippied.


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