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Snow Truffles

Snow Truffles

While hanging out with 3 of my good mommy friends the other day (one is gluten/dairy/sugar-free, the other gluten/sugar-free, and the third is sugar-free only) we were discussing the truffle recipe I made and had shared with them (the recipe, not the actual goods).  One friend suggested that they could be rolled in shredded coconut as well and voila, Snow Truffles were born!

I made these last night with Z.  She helped put the ingredients into the food processor.  Then she got to watch her inept-in-the-kitchen mother deal with a huge cooking boo-boo.  Silly me did not remove the seeds from the date first! <insert head slap here>

So I ended up removing the entire mixture and going throw it very slowly, identifying the seeds vs the large walnut bits.  Quite the chore.  But, when all was said and done, it was worth it.  The Snow Truffles aren’t quite as rich as the regular ones but still very delicious.  They slightly remind me of those chocolate donuts covered in coconut.  Slightly. 😉

The original truffles recipe can be found here.  The only difference is that instead of the 1/3 cocoa for rolling I used just over 1/2 cup shredded coconut for the rolling.


My new book is an easy and quick read.  Some of it is stuff I already know but it’s also covering things I wasn’t aware of.  Good stuff.

I am also psyched to have discovered this GF pizza recipe and totally plan to make it come August.

I woke to a mild headache which is still here a bit.  Nothing else major to report minus some cravings.  What I’d like to do is start making some decadent treats like these Primal Choco-Nutty Treats.  I adore dark chocolate and they seem right up my alley.  I have zero shredded coconut in the house and am almost out of the oil so shopping is required.

I am on vacation until Monday (2 weeks off – nice!).  I decided to axe the sugar this week after talking to some friends last Thursday since I was worried about major withdrawal symptoms.  I’ve been lucky since so far (knock on wood) they have been totally not-so-bad.

Our talk was one of many regarding nutrition.  One friend had been off sugar for a few weeks (the other for a very long time) and was telling us how much better she feels and how she has no cravings now.  That finally sealed the deal for me – I knew I just had to bite the bullet.  I needed to do something to A. Make me feel better and B. Hopefully knock out my adult acne.  What I am hoping for is clearer skin and more energy.

I won’t lie and say that losing weight won’t make me happy, either.  I have done a lot of work accepting my body the last few years but I will admit that I want to be a smaller size.  Not exactly for aesthetic purposes but because it would be easier to get into the yoga asanas I was able to do at a smaller size.  And to have an easier time clothes shopping would be heaven.  I am also soooo much stiffer than I was even 6 months ago (same size, though).  I’ve got a few things to work out here and a smaller sized body would just be one piece of the puzzle.  I am not interested in weighing myself, yelling at or degrading myself for any “slip ups”, or partaking in any obsessive body/diet behaviors.


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