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Just sharing some links that have been interesting to me as of late for various reasons….

Food Renegade’s post today about a 100 year old book’s discussion on food and health is very eye opening.  It’s just amazing how much of health is affected by making things cheaper and/or easier.  “Cheese food product”.  Puke.

Om Scampi – a meat eating yogi comes out of the closet.

I am a tad obsessed with reading articles on Ana Forrest.  Her history is amazing.  A few articles/blog posts that I have read recently: Talking Shop with Ana Forrest, Spirited Away, and Ana Forrest Kicks Asana.

I appreciate this “top 5 things I wish I knew when I started yoga” over at Autumn Locus Yoga.  I have been practicing yoga off and on since college (so around 15 years) but I still feel very new.

I am contemplating doing the Couch to 5K plan over at Cool Running.  The only real time I’d be able to do it (willing to do it) would be super early in the morning.  Which makes it hard.  But I would like to add to my yoga (and also increase my yoga these next few weeks).  We’re planning to start trying for kid #2 in the new year and I want to strengthen my body a lot by then.  Yoga definitely plays into that but I think adding some cardio would also be helpful.  There are several podcasts out there for the the C25k plan but I think I’d like to figure out how to make my own with my own music.  How, I have no idea.  I’ll bug my tech-savvie husband when he wakes up.

Running has always been one of those goals floating around my mind for the last decade.  I did try the Couch to 5K plan pre-Z but only made it to like week 3 or 4 I think.  Running is a bit awkward for me.  But being outside in nature while running has this romantic quality in my mind.  I also like the idea of running an occasional 5k.  Seems like a fun hobby.

I will admit, though, that running has always been one of those goals – always there but (obviously) have never been reached.  I once even told myself that I couldn’t possibly be that interested in it since I never actually got into the habit and that I should just stop pretending it’s a goal.  But, heh, it still lingers.  So maybe I’ll try, yet again…


…a brand new yoga mat.

…a Forrest Yoga practice on the new mat.

…figuring out future “what to do with my life” plans (near future, want to be a stay at home mother, but “future future” have decided to first become a La Leche League Leader and then a Doula.)  I am so excited!  (I am burnt out in my current career, which I just entered the 12th year, so hence the future thoughts post-SAHMness)

…ending the day curled up on the couch watching The Daily Show, sipping some kefir, and enjoying gluten-free, sugar-free truffles.


Amy over at Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free tagged me with my very first ever blog award.  Thank you Amy!!  What a sweet surprise to see that as I was reading her blog tonight.  Made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I now get to pass on the award to 13 blogs that have touched my life.

Autumn Lotus Yoga (I am loving this blog and it definitely has me intrigued re: Forrest Yoga)

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-free (love looking over her recipes)

My Year Without Sugar (a great blog for me to read, especially when I first axed the sugar from my diet)

The Reluctant Ashtangi (her posts about yoga truly inspire me)

Big Fat Deal (A body acceptance blog I read regularly; has been important in my journey the last couple of years)

The F Word (same as BFD; the 2 bloggers also happened to be on a talk show together a couple years ago, discussing body acceptance)

Real Food Mama (I’m a mother currently reading Real Food – this traditional foods blog is right up my alley)

The Everything Yoga Blog (lots of useful info here; inspirational)

It’s All Yoga, Baby (I’ve recently begun reading this blog – love the posts on current issues in the yoga world)

Gluten-Free Gobsmacked (great looking recipes that I plan to try; loved reading about her adoption)

Girl Gone Primal (I’m not a primal eater but I still enjoy reading this blog – and the delicious Primal Choco-Nutty Treats came from here. Yum!)

Cheese Slave (real food, great posts, and lots of great discussion in the comments)

No Food Diet (way more restrictions than me but lots of interesting, creative recipes – love the monkeys rating scale, too!)

Wow!  I did it, heh.  13 seemed steep but once I started going through my blogroll it was very easy since there are so many blogs I love!

In accepting the award, you are asked to pass it on to 13 other blogs you love.  Simply copy the award on to your PC and share this with bloggers you admire.  It’s fun!

Thanks Amy!!

…but her pants kick ass.

So today I drop kicked the gluten out the door.  I was prepared with a well stocked kitchen and it really didn’t seem any different than any other day.  It also happened to be just a 3 meal day (well, we’ll see if I have a snack before bedtime…).  Usually I have to have snacks between meals to keep my energy going but I managed just fine between meals.  I’m going to venture that it was the protein and fat ratio vs whatever carbs I had (veggies and fruit).  We’ll see…

I also tried the beginner Forrest Yoga audio from Yoga Download.  It was a great little practice.  I wish they had more than just 2 on there!  I do plan to check out some of their other downloads as well.  I have gone to classes and have practiced with several DVDs but this was my first audio (along with their PDF cheat sheet).  I really, really liked it.  I also chose the one without music and didn’t miss it at all.  I even paid attention to my breathing, which I usually ignore.

It was a packed vacation day.  Going gluten-free, a yoga workout, plus an eye appt and 2 classes for Z (swim and dance).  Maybe a cup of herbal tea is in order.

…I would have a very happy body.

I have to try these.

I haven’t made my own hummus in years.  This has inspired me to start making it again.

So excited about this find.

Even more excited to learn more about Forrest Yoga.

My face has totally reacted to the recent sugar (and, ahem, beer – I had a few good-bye Guinesses).  It’s amazing to see how my body reacted in the moment and also how it rebelled on my face.  I’m glad to have such tangible reminders, quite honestly.  Helps keep me in reality.  It also sucks that a brief treat means a few days of reminders on my face.

Gluten is getting kicked to the curb tomorrow.  I’m already mentally planning for our Disneyland trip in a few weeks (and also told the cast member taking my reservation about the gluten-free meal needed at Z’s Ariel Grotto birthday dinner).

A gluten-free fun read.

Reading Real Food prompted me to tell my husband that I wanted a family dairy cow.  He said we could keep her in my closet.  Heh.  I also said that, in the far off future, when we have a house I would love to have chickens.  He actually seemed open to that.  In the mean time I will live vicariously through this blogging mama’s experience with (soon) owning a goat.  How fun!


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