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I used to loooooove Magic Shell.  I haven’t had it too much in recent years and, when I did, it made me feel yucky (gee, wonder why).  But I still held it on this yummy pedestal (I am very bad at remembering that things I used to enjoy that I stop enjoying means I don’t actually enjoy them any more – sigh).

So last night I had some Purely Decadent vanilla bean ice cream and decided to drizzle on some pure cocoa (just a block of Trader Joe’s baker’s chocolate melted in the microwave).  Voila – gluten-free, sugar-free “magic shell” that was SO GOOD and did not make me feel nasty!

I know I said I was writing a gluten-free Disneyland post.  I still plan to.  I hope to get it done before next week since I go back to work then (grumble – stressing about that).

Snow Truffles

Snow Truffles

While hanging out with 3 of my good mommy friends the other day (one is gluten/dairy/sugar-free, the other gluten/sugar-free, and the third is sugar-free only) we were discussing the truffle recipe I made and had shared with them (the recipe, not the actual goods).  One friend suggested that they could be rolled in shredded coconut as well and voila, Snow Truffles were born!

I made these last night with Z.  She helped put the ingredients into the food processor.  Then she got to watch her inept-in-the-kitchen mother deal with a huge cooking boo-boo.  Silly me did not remove the seeds from the date first! <insert head slap here>

So I ended up removing the entire mixture and going throw it very slowly, identifying the seeds vs the large walnut bits.  Quite the chore.  But, when all was said and done, it was worth it.  The Snow Truffles aren’t quite as rich as the regular ones but still very delicious.  They slightly remind me of those chocolate donuts covered in coconut.  Slightly. 😉

The original truffles recipe can be found here.  The only difference is that instead of the 1/3 cocoa for rolling I used just over 1/2 cup shredded coconut for the rolling.

I wanted to try out 2 sugar and gluten-free treats today.  I also made a French Bread that was no where near gluten-free but I did make it with agave syrup instead of sugar.

The French Bread recipe I got from here and have made it a few times in the past.  All I did was substitute 1 T and 1 t of agave syrup for the sugar and use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.  Z helped me…

Z kneading the dough.

Z kneading the dough.

and the whole family enjoyed the bread straight out of the oven with some butter.  Yum.

We also made the most delicious Peanut Butter Pudding – so rich and creamy.  Seriously good stuff.  The only change I made was to use plain, full fat yogurt instead of nonfat vanilla.

And the other incredible goody I made today was these truffles.  TO DIE FOR.  Seriously, just so much yum.

Now here’s my shameful secret – I made it with my food processor that I have never used but have owned for 4 1/2 years.  Please don’t tell my mother (especially since she shelled out the dough for it AND it was a gift I asked for!).  I was seriously pretty scared of the thing.  Now that I have used it, I see how foolish that that feeling was.  But it’s true.

Popping the food processor cherry.

Popping the food processor cherry.

Truffled hands.

Truffled hands.

The goody goodness.

The goody goodness.

Finding these recipes and loving them really help me mentally.  I have not been lamenting over the loss of sugar too much but just knowing I can have a wonderful dessert that I think is divine is reassuring.

I am eating an odd snack.


Goat cheese Brie


Primal Choco-Nutty Treat

Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea

Not a typical snack.  But yummy.

Alas, my vacation is over.  The good news is that I only work in July for the summer and the days are short (I work at a school).  The bad news is that I am not in love with my job and want to be a SAHM (stay at home mom).  That’s in the works and I’m just sucking it up in the mean time.  But I’m still a tad cranky, heh.

It’s been one week since going sugar-free.  I feel good – not fabulous or anything but good and fine.  The only cravings I have now are occasional ones for a nice glass of wine.

Like I said yesterday, I suspect I have a problem with excess candida.  But, also like I said, the idea of the candida diet intimidates the shit out of me.  I’ve been off and on thinking about it all day today.  It’s so restrictive and that’s a trigger for me due to my disordered eating issues.  The idea of cutting out mushrooms, one of my favoritest favorite foods in the whole world makes my head spin.  And gets the Head Crazies chattering away which is something I’d like to avoid.

So, what does this mean?  Would I never try an anti-candida diet just because of food issues and body image problems?  Nah.  I would.  I would just work on getting over myself.  But I don’t think I am quite there yet and also I’m not quite convinced that such a restrictive diet is necessary (I may eat my words someday, pun intended, I know…).

I am thinking that in August if my skin issues are still bad I will cut out gluten.  And if I am still struggling with adult acne in mid-September then dairy will be next on the chopping block.  And that’s it, for a while.  I think.  I may have a totally different opinion by Fall.  I may be ready to do more, who knows.  But that’s what’s making me comfortable in my noggin at this point in the journey and that’s good enough for me.

The husband and I are also trying for #2 come the new year as well so that’s been another factor.  Do I really want to deal with the anti-candida diet when pregnant?  I’m betting no.

I still, however, totally reserve the right to change my mind at any given point during this journey.  I’m good at that.

What I’m not good at is cooking.  I have no feel for it.  It’s an art I don’t get.  I must have a recipe.  I do not know how to whip together things.  My brain is not wired in this way.  But I did decide to go all wild and crazy (yes, what I am about to share is wild for me in the kitchen creation area.  Feel free to point and laugh) and make up a sugar-free chocolate goody.

2T coconut oil
56 grams 100% Cacao Unsweetened Chocolate (mine was baking chocolate from Trader Joe’s)
3T shredded Coconut
1 banana

Slice banana and place on wax paper in one layer (inside something with edges – I used a plastic container).  I made sure the slices had a bit of space in between each one.

Melt oil and chocolate together over medium-low heat, stirring frequently.  Then add the shredded coconut and mix well together.  Pour mixture evenly over the banana slices.  Make sure to spread out chocolate and coconut over each slice.  Chill in the fridge to harden.

Then break off a pieces or two and enjoy!

I just made these today so I am clueless on how they will keep in the fridge.



I thought they were tasty – I think next time I will either do bigger pieces of banana or try it with a different fruit all together.  The 100% cacao is so intense and really kills my chocolate cravings.  I am loving it more and more each day.

Feeling really good today.  No major cravings except for chocolate which my Primal Choco-Nutty Treats satisfied with just a tiny square.  That is good eatin’.

Went to a BBQ.  The sugar-free meal included a cheeseburger (bunless), pickles (hrmmmm, now I am wondering if fricken pickles have sugar in them – hadn’t even given it a second thought), asparagus (grilled – divine!), blueberries, cherries, and bananas (that was my patriotic fruit platter, heh).  I would have enjoyed drinking some beers with the rest of my friends but I’m avoiding alcohol for now.  I think the next glass of wine for me will be on Z’s birthday in late August.

Happy 4th!

Primal Choco-Nutty Treats are very chocolaty and rich.  I am eating a chunk with a side of cherries – yum!

I think that all that is missing is a mug of herbal tea.  Off to make that now….

Felt barely sluggish this morning and it was probably more due to going to bed a bit late and being a Mommy at 4 in the morning.  I would say the only “detox” feelings left are the cravings which are not that bad.  I wonder when they will pass.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday and I later had a cheese stick for a snack.  Lunch was delicious – chicken sausages from Trader Joe’s, cherries, and goat milk brie cheese.



I also made the Primal Choco-Nutty Treats but have yet to try them (its in the fridge).

Melting the CO and chocolate.

Melting the CO and chocolate.

The mix.

The mix.

All in one container to save room in fridge.

All in one container to save room in fridge.

I plan to try them tonight.  I am also thinking they may be interesting with thinly sliced (or small pieces of) dried fruit mixed in as well.

I woke to a mild headache which is still here a bit.  Nothing else major to report minus some cravings.  What I’d like to do is start making some decadent treats like these Primal Choco-Nutty Treats.  I adore dark chocolate and they seem right up my alley.  I have zero shredded coconut in the house and am almost out of the oil so shopping is required.

I am on vacation until Monday (2 weeks off – nice!).  I decided to axe the sugar this week after talking to some friends last Thursday since I was worried about major withdrawal symptoms.  I’ve been lucky since so far (knock on wood) they have been totally not-so-bad.

Our talk was one of many regarding nutrition.  One friend had been off sugar for a few weeks (the other for a very long time) and was telling us how much better she feels and how she has no cravings now.  That finally sealed the deal for me – I knew I just had to bite the bullet.  I needed to do something to A. Make me feel better and B. Hopefully knock out my adult acne.  What I am hoping for is clearer skin and more energy.

I won’t lie and say that losing weight won’t make me happy, either.  I have done a lot of work accepting my body the last few years but I will admit that I want to be a smaller size.  Not exactly for aesthetic purposes but because it would be easier to get into the yoga asanas I was able to do at a smaller size.  And to have an easier time clothes shopping would be heaven.  I am also soooo much stiffer than I was even 6 months ago (same size, though).  I’ve got a few things to work out here and a smaller sized body would just be one piece of the puzzle.  I am not interested in weighing myself, yelling at or degrading myself for any “slip ups”, or partaking in any obsessive body/diet behaviors.


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