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Amy over at Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free tagged me with my very first ever blog award.  Thank you Amy!!  What a sweet surprise to see that as I was reading her blog tonight.  Made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I now get to pass on the award to 13 blogs that have touched my life.

Autumn Lotus Yoga (I am loving this blog and it definitely has me intrigued re: Forrest Yoga)

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-free (love looking over her recipes)

My Year Without Sugar (a great blog for me to read, especially when I first axed the sugar from my diet)

The Reluctant Ashtangi (her posts about yoga truly inspire me)

Big Fat Deal (A body acceptance blog I read regularly; has been important in my journey the last couple of years)

The F Word (same as BFD; the 2 bloggers also happened to be on a talk show together a couple years ago, discussing body acceptance)

Real Food Mama (I’m a mother currently reading Real Food – this traditional foods blog is right up my alley)

The Everything Yoga Blog (lots of useful info here; inspirational)

It’s All Yoga, Baby (I’ve recently begun reading this blog – love the posts on current issues in the yoga world)

Gluten-Free Gobsmacked (great looking recipes that I plan to try; loved reading about her adoption)

Girl Gone Primal (I’m not a primal eater but I still enjoy reading this blog – and the delicious Primal Choco-Nutty Treats came from here. Yum!)

Cheese Slave (real food, great posts, and lots of great discussion in the comments)

No Food Diet (way more restrictions than me but lots of interesting, creative recipes – love the monkeys rating scale, too!)

Wow!  I did it, heh.  13 seemed steep but once I started going through my blogroll it was very easy since there are so many blogs I love!

In accepting the award, you are asked to pass it on to 13 other blogs you love.  Simply copy the award on to your PC and share this with bloggers you admire.  It’s fun!

Thanks Amy!!


I am on vacation for all of August <insert happy dance here>.  This is one big reason why I want to start my gluten-free trial then because I will have the time to focus on it and hopefully “perfect” some of it before I am back at work.

I have also, for several months now, been desiring a daily yoga practice.  I gave it a bit of a go a few months back but fully fell off the wagon.  For one, I was doing it once Z went to bed but hadn’t fallen asleep yet so there were frequent interruptions.  Secondly, I was really frustrated that some of my fat was getting in the way of the asanas (I could tell my muscles, etc were willing to go farther if my stomach fat wasn’t blocking the way).  This made me struggle with the work I have done with accepting my body the past couple of years.  It was difficult to also accept that I also wanted to be more comfortable in asanas and that losing a bit of size appeared to be part of the answer.

I’m feeling pretty much over that now.  #1 I need to work on letting go of ego (“yes, a smaller version of me was able to do this pose in a different way but that’s not the current me”) and #2 Just because I have accepted my body where it is now does not mean I am breaking some cardinal rule for wanting it to be a bit different to fulfill a dream (daily yoga/growing in my yoga practice).  This does not mean I have to diet obsess, hate my body, desire to be some super small size, etc…  It just means I have goals regarding yoga and it’s OK to want my body to shrink and strengthen a bit to reach those goals.

I’m not actively dieting and do not plan to diet.  Diets and me do not get along (which I talked about a bit over at my old blog).

Anyway (hello rambling rambles!), I would also like to get into a daily yoga habit starting next month.  I am going to figure out when the best time is (which may very well be when Z is up and about – either joining me or doing her own thing).  I’ve done classes in the past (not ideal right now for various reasons) and several DVDs.  But I am thinking this time of just putting on some music and using a book to guide me.  I ordered this book today and am so excited for its arrival.  I have found doing my own yoga routine to be difficult – so this is an area I want to work on.  I’d like to just throw down my mat whenever and wherever and be able to lead myself through a series of asanas on my own.

Ah, goals.  Good stuff.

I woke to a mild headache which is still here a bit.  Nothing else major to report minus some cravings.  What I’d like to do is start making some decadent treats like these Primal Choco-Nutty Treats.  I adore dark chocolate and they seem right up my alley.  I have zero shredded coconut in the house and am almost out of the oil so shopping is required.

I am on vacation until Monday (2 weeks off – nice!).  I decided to axe the sugar this week after talking to some friends last Thursday since I was worried about major withdrawal symptoms.  I’ve been lucky since so far (knock on wood) they have been totally not-so-bad.

Our talk was one of many regarding nutrition.  One friend had been off sugar for a few weeks (the other for a very long time) and was telling us how much better she feels and how she has no cravings now.  That finally sealed the deal for me – I knew I just had to bite the bullet.  I needed to do something to A. Make me feel better and B. Hopefully knock out my adult acne.  What I am hoping for is clearer skin and more energy.

I won’t lie and say that losing weight won’t make me happy, either.  I have done a lot of work accepting my body the last few years but I will admit that I want to be a smaller size.  Not exactly for aesthetic purposes but because it would be easier to get into the yoga asanas I was able to do at a smaller size.  And to have an easier time clothes shopping would be heaven.  I am also soooo much stiffer than I was even 6 months ago (same size, though).  I’ve got a few things to work out here and a smaller sized body would just be one piece of the puzzle.  I am not interested in weighing myself, yelling at or degrading myself for any “slip ups”, or partaking in any obsessive body/diet behaviors.


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