I am planning on a Disneyland post about their gluten-free options (which were many).  I was very impressed with them and the care they took to make sure I was able to eat something gluten-free and delicious.

I am thinking of putting Couch to 5k on hold for now and concentrating on doing  some heart pounding yoga in the morning instead.  DH has some needs outside the home that early in the morning so one of us needs to be home while Z is sleeping.  I want to support him getting up early and working early because I think it would help him A LOT (and getting up early is not a strength of his).  Without getting in to specifics, this support from me is leading us down the road to me eventually becoming a SAHM.  So I happily support!


We’re taking a 3 day family vacation to Disneyland to celebrate Z’s 4th birthday.  I will be heading to Town Hall to get my list of gluten-free foods at the park and doing my best.  I won’t be so concerned about sugar on this trip.  Obviously, no blatant sweet stuff like ice cream but my focus will be on gluten-free (since they make it so easy there) and if there’s some hidden sugar in a food I won’t sweat it.

I am slightly broken out right now and my lovely ladyhood started this morning (just in time for DL – woohoo!).

When we’re back I plan to do a post on gluten-free choices at Disneyland.

Courtesy of kookiekarma.com

Courtesy of kookiekarma.com

Just a quick pot about how much I love these.  I never considered myself a fan of carob but the Holistic Carob Chip cookie is sooooo good.  Tastes like firm cookie dough to me.  It’s gluten and sugar free (plus vegan).


So I can make this for Z.

How adorable, right??!

We’re headed off to Disneyland for Z’s 4th birthday in a few days so I won’t be purchasing anything until after.  Obviously, I will not start with that doll but it’s my goal.  I know how to knit – well, to knit scarves.  That’s it.  LOL

I’m gathering some “learn to crochet” resources.  Here’s an online tutorial and I also found two sites with video tutorials.  Youtube also looks useful.

I have 2 1/2 weeks left of my vacation.  I’d like to start teaching myself how to crochet by then.  And also get a week into Couch to 5k as well.  Never mind keeping up with my yoga practice (which I’ve ignored the last few days, sigh).

Goals.  Goals.  Goals.

After my tea and scones treat where I felt like my body was going to lift out of my chair because I was so fricken high, I broke out a couple of days later. Not as bad as in the past but definitely the worst break out since dropping sugar.

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since then and my skin is blemish-free (minus one small one at my nose where my glasses rest).  I am not wearing any cover up on my chin r around my mouth – this used to never happen!

I’ve been gluten-free for almost 2 weeks now.  It’s been easy enough.  No idea if it is affecting my face but I’ll keep at it for a few months just to see.

Today I cooked up some of Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Pasta for the first time (spaghetti).  It was good!  The consistency was slightly different but not by a lot.  I cooked it in water with olive oil and salt for just under 10 minutes.  Z ate her serving up as well.

It’s a keeper.

Today involved being a mama, cleaning, and reading several doula blogs.

I have not done any yoga or a meditation today.  If I don’t pass out later then maybe I’ll fit in something quick before bed.

And, now, an oldie but a goody.

Just sharing some links that have been interesting to me as of late for various reasons….

Food Renegade’s post today about a 100 year old book’s discussion on food and health is very eye opening.  It’s just amazing how much of health is affected by making things cheaper and/or easier.  “Cheese food product”.  Puke.

Om Scampi – a meat eating yogi comes out of the closet.

I am a tad obsessed with reading articles on Ana Forrest.  Her history is amazing.  A few articles/blog posts that I have read recently: Talking Shop with Ana Forrest, Spirited Away, and Ana Forrest Kicks Asana.

I appreciate this “top 5 things I wish I knew when I started yoga” over at Autumn Locus Yoga.  I have been practicing yoga off and on since college (so around 15 years) but I still feel very new.

I am contemplating doing the Couch to 5K plan over at Cool Running.  The only real time I’d be able to do it (willing to do it) would be super early in the morning.  Which makes it hard.  But I would like to add to my yoga (and also increase my yoga these next few weeks).  We’re planning to start trying for kid #2 in the new year and I want to strengthen my body a lot by then.  Yoga definitely plays into that but I think adding some cardio would also be helpful.  There are several podcasts out there for the the C25k plan but I think I’d like to figure out how to make my own with my own music.  How, I have no idea.  I’ll bug my tech-savvie husband when he wakes up.

Running has always been one of those goals floating around my mind for the last decade.  I did try the Couch to 5K plan pre-Z but only made it to like week 3 or 4 I think.  Running is a bit awkward for me.  But being outside in nature while running has this romantic quality in my mind.  I also like the idea of running an occasional 5k.  Seems like a fun hobby.

I will admit, though, that running has always been one of those goals – always there but (obviously) have never been reached.  I once even told myself that I couldn’t possibly be that interested in it since I never actually got into the habit and that I should just stop pretending it’s a goal.  But, heh, it still lingers.  So maybe I’ll try, yet again…

Today was a fun but long day and I was beat by the evening.  I decided to just roll out my mat for a meditation.  I feel wonderfully peaceful right now but, boy, I cannot shut my mind off to save my life.  During the meditation, I will acknowledge that my mind is drifting and refocus only to find my mind drifting very soon again.

Definitely an area to work on.

…a brand new yoga mat.

…a Forrest Yoga practice on the new mat.

…figuring out future “what to do with my life” plans (near future, want to be a stay at home mother, but “future future” have decided to first become a La Leche League Leader and then a Doula.)  I am so excited!  (I am burnt out in my current career, which I just entered the 12th year, so hence the future thoughts post-SAHMness)

…ending the day curled up on the couch watching The Daily Show, sipping some kefir, and enjoying gluten-free, sugar-free truffles.


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