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Well I was not gluten or sugar-free during the holidays and BOY did my skin break out.  I have finally gotten back on track this last week and am sticking to it.  I played with the idea of doing a full yeast-free diet but chickened out.  Maybe someday but being gluten and sugar-free is enough hassle for me right now.


About 4 weeks ago I accidentally ate sugar a few times (wasn’t using my brain) and broke out.  It took me a bit to realize what I had done.

Since then, I have had 2 weekends “off” (one nongluten-free and this past weekend I also allowed sugar on a trip).  My face has EXPLODED with adult acne.  Sigh.

I have come to accept that this is most likely a candida issue.  After the holidays, I will be going on an anti-candida diet.  Blerg.  Not looking forward to it.  I am reading The Yeast Connection and so much speaks to me.  Along with that diet I plan to also be gluten-free (his diet isn’t) since gluten can feed the yeasties.  After Thanksgiving I am going to start taking Candex (and after Christmas I will change my diet).

I really, really hope this works.  My face hurts. 😦

With removing the dairy.  It’s been 4 weeks.  I have not noticed anything different at all.  I’m planning on adding half-n-half and Kerrygold butter (grass fed cows) back into rotation in the next week.  Cheese, etc will remain off the list for now.  Cheese usually feels like lead in my stomach (even though the process of eating it is enjoyable).

I have decided to try cutting out grains, though and will probably take the plunge in about a week.  I’ve been gluten-free for about 2 months now.  Grains usually make me feel sluggish and I find I do better/feel better after higher protein and fat meals.  Every work day morning I start out with eggs over medium and that powers me through the morning well.

I hope to have all this stuff worked out by the new year since we will start trying for baby #2 then and I want to have a plan of eating in place that makes me feel my best.

How dare it!

Still gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free.  I have had wine a few times and totally broke out from it.  So no vino until our wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving.  Not worth it.

I miss cheese and half-n-half in my coffee.

I can’t say I have any more energy from any of this, though.  Sigh.  I’m not getting in any extra exercise like yoga or anything.  That’s my next step but it is the hardest.  It’s hard to be so busy plus have low energy plus make oneself exercise.  I know others have achieved this so somehow I will to.  When, we will see….

I’ve been dairy-free since Monday.  I miss my coffee creamer (half-n-half)!  Wah!

Both Thanksgiving and Christmas days I plan to eat whatever.  Then I will re-evaluate the gluten and dairy-free lifestyle.

I’m just putting this out there.

I am thinking of also trying to be dairy-free.

My skin is pretty good – occasional flare ups and they seem hormone-related.  But I am thinking of dropping dairy to see if it helps with energy levels (still low – is it me or just normal f/t working mommyhood??) and to see if it helps clear up my sinuses a bit.

This is a big change for me.  I love brie, my yogurt, cream in my coffee, and good butter.  I also LOVE ice cream but since discovering agave syrup sweetened coconut ice cream I am very much fine in that department.

Anyway, it’s a thought.  A slightly scary thought.  But the holidays are soon and I see that as a stopping point for the gluten-free experiment so it will be that for the dairy-free one as well (not the sugar-free one – that’s staying put).**

Tonight, though, brie cheese will be eaten.

**I will be eating what I want on Thanksgiving and also Christmas day.  After that I will decide if the gluten (and possibly dairy, now) is a real issue for me or not.

This was my first week back to work after going gluten-free.  It went well (well, not really the annoying work part but the food part).  Next week will be the real trial, though, since then I will be seeing my students.  I am really going to have to be on top of snacks and making sure I have easy to bring lunches, etc…

Tonight we’re eating Indian food (my favorite) and I’m skipping the naan.  Maybe I’ll change my mind once it’s in front of me but, right now, I am actually OK with it.  That’s pretty wild since naan was one of my favorite parts of the meal.  But, at least in this moment, I don’t really have a desire to eat the heavy, bready food.

I used to loooooove Magic Shell.  I haven’t had it too much in recent years and, when I did, it made me feel yucky (gee, wonder why).  But I still held it on this yummy pedestal (I am very bad at remembering that things I used to enjoy that I stop enjoying means I don’t actually enjoy them any more – sigh).

So last night I had some Purely Decadent vanilla bean ice cream and decided to drizzle on some pure cocoa (just a block of Trader Joe’s baker’s chocolate melted in the microwave).  Voila – gluten-free, sugar-free “magic shell” that was SO GOOD and did not make me feel nasty!

I know I said I was writing a gluten-free Disneyland post.  I still plan to.  I hope to get it done before next week since I go back to work then (grumble – stressing about that).

I’m still here and I still plan to write a gf DL post, I promise.

Things are going well on the gf and sf front.  I start back to work next week so that will be an interesting challenge.

Starting tomorrow I will be waking up at the butt crack of dawn to do some yoga.  I’ll likely get a fee more practices from Yoga Download.

Today’s yoga involved doing 11 (!) loads of laundry.  Jealous?

I am planning on a Disneyland post about their gluten-free options (which were many).  I was very impressed with them and the care they took to make sure I was able to eat something gluten-free and delicious.

I am thinking of putting Couch to 5k on hold for now and concentrating on doing  some heart pounding yoga in the morning instead.  DH has some needs outside the home that early in the morning so one of us needs to be home while Z is sleeping.  I want to support him getting up early and working early because I think it would help him A LOT (and getting up early is not a strength of his).  Without getting in to specifics, this support from me is leading us down the road to me eventually becoming a SAHM.  So I happily support!


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