With removing the dairy.  It’s been 4 weeks.  I have not noticed anything different at all.  I’m planning on adding half-n-half and Kerrygold butter (grass fed cows) back into rotation in the next week.  Cheese, etc will remain off the list for now.  Cheese usually feels like lead in my stomach (even though the process of eating it is enjoyable).

I have decided to try cutting out grains, though and will probably take the plunge in about a week.  I’ve been gluten-free for about 2 months now.  Grains usually make me feel sluggish and I find I do better/feel better after higher protein and fat meals.  Every work day morning I start out with eggs over medium and that powers me through the morning well.

I hope to have all this stuff worked out by the new year since we will start trying for baby #2 then and I want to have a plan of eating in place that makes me feel my best.