So I can make this for Z.

How adorable, right??!

We’re headed off to Disneyland for Z’s 4th birthday in a few days so I won’t be purchasing anything until after.  Obviously, I will not start with that doll but it’s my goal.  I know how to knit – well, to knit scarves.  That’s it.  LOL

I’m gathering some “learn to crochet” resources.  Here’s an online tutorial and I also found two sites with video tutorials.  Youtube also looks useful.

I have 2 1/2 weeks left of my vacation.  I’d like to start teaching myself how to crochet by then.  And also get a week into Couch to 5k as well.  Never mind keeping up with my yoga practice (which I’ve ignored the last few days, sigh).

Goals.  Goals.  Goals.