Today has been a good day.

I first caught an early morning showing of Julie and Julia.

I love you, Meryl!

I love you, Meryl!

I have not read Julie Powell’s blog or book but the movie intrigued me anyway.  And I loved it.  Especially Meryl Streep’s portrayal of Julia Child (granted, that’s easy because I have a huge crush on the woman and adore her craft).  Julie and Julia was exactly the right kind of movie for me to watch at this time in my life.  I am definitely in the midst of figuring some shit out (I’ve been having some “what does the far off future look like” thoughts rattling around my mind this week; I’ll blog more on that another day).  And my new interest in food, cooking, and nutrition.

Julia Child cooked with real foods.  Whole foods.  The woman adored butter, for goodness sakes.  And, from the little that I know of her, it appeared she often bought her food fresh and local.  She lived until 91 years of age – and her husband lived until 94.  Even with all that “evil” butter.  Makes one go hmmmmm….

Mastering the Art of French Cooking is on my soon-to-be-Amazoned list, that’s for sure.  Plus I’d like to read Julie’s blog from start to finish.

After coming home I shopped at Trader Joe’s (although held off on many fruits/veggies because I plan to hit the local farmer’s market on Tuesday) and then the family (husband, Z, and moi) went out for a picnic.  We are avid picnickers.  And this was the first picnic where I did not chow down on the bread.  Bread is a staple at our picnics – we spread cheese and/or tapenade all over the suckers.  This time, though, I was breadless.

And I felt fine.

Good stuff.

Once Z was down for the night, I indulged in my new addiction and ordered yet another yoga practice from Yoga Download.  Hip Opening Flow #3.  It was a nice one (short and sweet).  My only issue was sometimes I was confused as to what to do (even with the print out) and they also forgot 2 asanas (Camel Pose and Child’s Pose) on the print out as well.  But those little blips were minor details and I will definitely do it again.

After the practice I treated myself to a big purchase.  My mat is very old (7-8 years?) and has been showing its age for a while.  I decided to upgrade and get one of the best mats out there.

Manduka BlackMatPRO

Manduka BlackMatPRO

It’ll be here in a few days and I am so stinkin’ excited!  Eeeeeee!