Since Yoga Download offers several free 20 minute classes I downloaded a few and tried out Lunar Flow tonight.  I really enjoyed it.  The 20 minutes would be nice on a night where I am short on time but it definitely felt short tonight.  But it’s a good option.  And I liked it enough I plan to buy one of the longer Lunar Flow sessions in the future.

Plow was a bit tough given my body size and decreased strength.  I chose to do a shoulder stand (which was an option given; I supported my hips with my hands)

since that’s actually more comfortable for me (no stomach/chest crushage).  It’s been a while since I’ve attempted one of those and boy is there a big difference with the added weight and soft belly bulge.

A quite nice way to end the day.  Now time to feed my body with some delicious eggs over easy and champagne grapes.  Yum!