So today I drop kicked the gluten out the door.  I was prepared with a well stocked kitchen and it really didn’t seem any different than any other day.  It also happened to be just a 3 meal day (well, we’ll see if I have a snack before bedtime…).  Usually I have to have snacks between meals to keep my energy going but I managed just fine between meals.  I’m going to venture that it was the protein and fat ratio vs whatever carbs I had (veggies and fruit).  We’ll see…

I also tried the beginner Forrest Yoga audio from Yoga Download.  It was a great little practice.  I wish they had more than just 2 on there!  I do plan to check out some of their other downloads as well.  I have gone to classes and have practiced with several DVDs but this was my first audio (along with their PDF cheat sheet).  I really, really liked it.  I also chose the one without music and didn’t miss it at all.  I even paid attention to my breathing, which I usually ignore.

It was a packed vacation day.  Going gluten-free, a yoga workout, plus an eye appt and 2 classes for Z (swim and dance).  Maybe a cup of herbal tea is in order.