So today I went out to tea with coworkers to celebrate two of their future weddings/marriages.  It’s a tea place that I love but have not been to in like a year.  They have the best scones I have ever eaten.  But I was still planning on getting their sandwiches with the tea.

However, since we had a big party everything was preplanned (including the tea – grumble.  Still yummy but not the selections I would have made).  My friend/coworker who set the tea up also made the executive decision for the food served – which including the wonderful scones, Devonshire cream, lemon curd, and strawberry preserves.

So, since it was a very rare treat, I allowed it.  It was delicious and, while I do not regret it, I will not be doing anything like this again any time soon.


#1 After just half a scone (with all the goodness slathered on it) my heart was racing.  We joked about it and it was kind of funny since I truly felt high.  But, seriously, that ain’t right.  Food should not make my heart race or give me the shakes.

#2 I am home now and have totally crashed.  I feel like I drank alcohol all day and have now sobered up.  I’m EXHAUSTED.  I feel ill.  I feel worn out.  I truly feel like shit.  Complete shit.

So…yeah.  It was a nice treat but the aftermath makes me not want to have one of those kinds of treats any time soon.  Blerg.

One nice plus was that my good friend (who is my coworker until tomorrow – sigh, she’s leaving us!) told me that my skin was looking better.  Hopefully this little drug-laced treat doesn’t F my skin up too much.