Even though I am currently only avoiding sugar I am reading a lot about the anti-Candida Diet.  I am reallllly hoping cutting out sugar miraculously kills my adult acne but my gut instinct is telling me I will have to do more.  So I am reading up on it and want to save blogs I like in my links.  I plan to also include a Gluten-free blog list as well since if I do decide that an anti-candida diet is the answer I may slowly get there by first cutting gluten (and, obviously, still the sugar).  I dunno.  The idea of the anti-candida diet intimidates me, honestly.

But so did cutting out sugar and I finally managed to do it.  Not that the “battle” is over but I’m feeling good.  I reminded myself today about how when I quit smoking (pack – pack 1/2 day habit, has been 14 years) that I finally just did it.  This sugar thing feels like that I realized.