Day 2 turned out better than I expected.  I had a minor headache throughout the day and felt pretty sluggish by the afternoon.  But I expected to feel much worse (like a killer headache), so I won’t complain.

I did have a teeny sip of chocolate milk – by accident!  LOL  My daughter and I ate out for lunch and the restaurant gave her chocolate syrup and milk to combine.  I helped her and silly me absent-mindedly took a sip to see if it was all mixed.  As soon as it hit my tongue I realized what I had done.  I wonder how long it will take to have avoiding sugar become second nature.

I am frustrated a bit – I ordered Sugar Shock last Thursday and it has yet to arrive.  We use Amazon Prime so it should have been here by now.  I’m feeling impatient.

I’d like some more sugar-free/kicking the sugar habit to the curb blogs to read.  If you stumble upon my wee little baby blog please feel free to post suggestions in the comments!